The Parish of St. Brelade is thrilled to announce an exciting Community Engagement and Support Project, the “Beautiful St. Brelade Project.” Made possible through funding from the States of Jersey Community Compass and in collaboration with Connecting Communities, this pilot project marks a significant step to bring the community closer together, strengthen social bonds, promote community safety and harness the unique assets and talents of the Parish and its Parishioners.


St Brelades has a population of 11,000, with 24% of its residents over the age of 65 and 8% over the age of 80, in this modern society there are challenges around ensuring all ages are supported to ‘live well’. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many of the parish’s previous activities, meaning some vital volunteers and community initiatives have been unavailable. Deputy Helen Miles initiated the “Beautiful St. Brelade” project in May 2023, focusing on three core aims:

1. Building a Stronger Community

2. Optimizing Parish Facilities for Community Use

3. Enhancing Safety in St. Brelade

Deputy Helen Miles states, “The aims of the project align with a partnership approach that values collaboration between the parish, public, private, and voluntary sectors in creating a strong and supportive community. We will be focusing on building upon the rich history and vibrant culture of St. Brelade, by seeking to redefine the way residents view their community and empower them to become active participants in its growth and development.

Research indicates that community connection models boost resilience, particularly amongst older adults, in health management, independence, and community safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for more coordinated community support in St. Brelade.  We have thriving schools, churches, youth groups, honorary police, and community activities that could be more effectively harnessed for broader parish needs.”

Project Manager and Vision:

The Parish of St. Brelade has engaged the expertise of Cirsty De Gruchy Mosely of Connecting Communities, ( to lead the project. As a St. Brelade resident, Chartered Physiotherapist, and Chartered Manager, Cirsty brings a wealth of local knowledge, clinical expertise, leadership experience, and a profound commitment to asset-based community development which facilitates putting people at the heart of driving community development forward.

The ‘Beautiful St. Brelade’ Project aims to enhance the quality of life for everyone in the community. The project will seek to strengthen social bonds, improve local infrastructure, and inspire a renewed sense of pride amongst St. Brelade residents.

“Every member of our Parish community has something valuable to offer, whether it’s a talent, a resources, an idea, or a helping hand,” said Cirsty de Gruchy Moseley, from Connecting Communities. “The Beautiful St. Brelade project is about recognizing and celebrating these assets and coming together to further develop an inclusive Parish community that we can all be proud of.”

The project envisions community asset mapping processes , stakeholder engagement and community workshops to foster a sense of shared purpose.  This will be supported by the creation of a group of community volunteers and connectors who will be key in empowering their fellow parishioners to develop community support in the Parish further.

Cirsty will work with Parishioners and groups to identify parish-based initiatives to help residents make new friends, engage in parish activities, and foster a deep sense of connection, belonging, and wellbeing.

This visionary project marks a new era for St. Brelade, emphasising the power of community collaboration, resource-sharing, and the utilisation of assets within the parish to create a safer, more connected, and resilient community.

Community Involvement:

The Parish of St. Brelade invites individuals and community groups to shape the future of the community. Parishioners of St Brelade and community groups / clubs /organisations are encouraged to complete a short survey to share existing their strengths /resources and offer insights and visions for a more vibrant community within the Parish.

– For Parishioners of St. Brelade: Complete our online survey here:

– If you run a club/organisation/group within the Parish of St. Brelade: Share your offerings by completing our form:

A Community meeting for those interested in the “Beautiful St. Brelade” is scheduled for Thursday, November 9th, 7pm at Les Quennevais School. Sign up for this event at or call Kerry at the Parish Hall on 741141  to book a space?

Cirsty will also be available to chat to Parishioners at the upcoming Parish Assembly on Tuesday 31st October at 7pm and the Royal British Legion Coffee Moring which is being held at the Parish Hall on Friday 11th November at 10am – 12

For more information and involvement in the “Beautiful St. Brelade” Project, contact Cirsty de Gruchy Moseley at [email protected]  or 07797768062.