Listening Lounge- Opening hours over Christmas 🎄

The Listening Lounge provides free counselling by phone and online to islanders aged 18 years and over with a range of mental health needs. Islanders can self-refer via a form on their website or by calling the Listening Line on 01534 866793 available 10am-10pm, everyday and at the following times over the festive period:


24th:   10am – 10pm

25th:   10am – 2pm

26th:   10am – 2pm

27th:   10am – 10pm 

28th:   10am – 10pm 

29th:   10am – 10pm

30th:   10am – 10pm

31st:    10am – 6pm


1st:      10am – 6pm

2nd:    10am – 10pm

3rd:     10am – 10pm