An Assembly of the Principals and Electors of the Parish of St Brélade will be held at the Parish Hall, St Brélade on Tuesday 25 April 2023 at 7pm for the following business:

  1. Approve and adopt the Act of the Parish Assembly held on 28 March 2023*
  • In accordance with Article 5 (1) of the Licensing (Jersey) law, 1974 as amended, consider the following licensing application for recommendation to the licensing Assembly.

                              Name:                          The Loft                                                      
                              Category:                     3rd ( Restaurant ) Category 
                              Company Secretary :  David Doublet
                              Business Address:       The Loft
                                                                    Seagull House
                                                                La Neuve Route
                                                                    St Brelade
                                                                    JE3 8BS                                         

*Copies of the Act of the Assembly held on 28 March 2023 are available on the Parish Website or to collect from the Parish Hall during normal office hours.

Please note that I would be pleased to receive any comments on the agenda items by phone (Tel 741141), writing or email ([email protected]) before noon on the day of the Assembly.

M K Jackson                                                                            Parish Hall

Connétable                                                                            20 April 2023