The Parking Control Officer has gone carbon neutral

The Parking Control Office is now assisting with the Parish of St Brélade’s carbon neutrality map. 

The Parish is now part of the trail just started by the company EVie. The electric van will be parked at the side of the Parish Hall and when not in use by the Parking Control Officer can be rented by the general public. 

Mr Jamie Kelly, the CEO of EVie hoped that the trial will be very successful. Mr Kelly instructed the Parking Control Office in the use of the electric van earlier this morning. 

The Parish are waiting for their electrical vehicle to be delivered to replace the aging vehicle which was being used by the Parking Control Officer.  The purchase of an electric vehicle replacement was voted for and agreed by Parishioners at a Parish Assembly.  

In due course, the data received from the use of the electric vehicle will be published on the Parish’s website.